Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gluten-Free Pizza

Ariad came over for a visit, and since she commented about wishing for a gluten-free lactose-intolerant pizza, I set about making one. I’m just that awesome. And I love Ariad :D

So I made up a huge batch of regular pizza dough, and a smaller batch using organic gluten-free flour. I made a yummy pizza sauce, and instead of cheese I put crumbled up fried tempeh, and topped with mushrooms, garlic and olives. Heart-shaped, of course!


Yum! And the pizza was delish too!

Of course, I made loads and loads of pizza, so we invited all the neighbours in to join us with all the left-over Guinness from the weekend’s party (yes, we are aware that we’ve let the Irish side down by having beer left over)


Super-awesome fun :) and Ariad was even polite enough to not mention that gluten-free cheese-free pizza kinda sucks LOL


  1. lol
    It's not that I am too polite but that it was good!
    How often do you get a gluten-free, dairy free love-heart shaped pizza made for you by an amazing woman???

  2. I don't know? how often? It's never happened to me before. *shrug*

  3. never happened to me before either.

  4. so we could hypothesise once in 40 years... but I can see many luscious gluten-free meals in your future, ariad.

  5. I believe the correct spelling of that is P-S-Y-C-H-O

  6. I think that once in 40years is all you can expect

  7. come over again; I'll make you as much pizza as you want.

  8. There needs to be more gluten free recipes. Thanks for your efforts.

  9. thanks :) though I realise I didn't actually post the recipe: it was about 2 cups of flour, a big shluck of olive oil, a big pinch of salt. mix with warm water, knead a little and let sit.
    since it's gluten free it didn't really rise, but it was still good.


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