Thursday, 23 June 2011

Blue Room

When we arrived home from our recent trip, Littletree went into her room and announced “My room is a total disaster MESS!” I pointed out that her room was relatively tidy, just that she has an awful lot of stuff. Most of which she’s grown out of.

So she set to work, filling up 2 massive bags of junk stuff that was still perfectly good, but that she didn’t want or need any more. Clothes she’d grown out of, toys she doesn’t play with any more, and about a billion pink dresses (she absolutely will not, under any circumstances, wear anything pink or a dress, which is odd, because many wise people assured me that if I allow her to don a pink dress, she will surely grow up to be a brainless airhead hooker, completely oppressed by the dominant male patriarchy.)

She took all this stuff to sell at the village market on the weekend, and being the lazy industrious girl that she is, decided to not actually man her stall, but just leave all her wares lying out with an “honour box”. No one stole anything and she made $15.35 :)

Littletree announced that she doesn’t get to spend enough time with Purple, so she proposed a “daddy-daughter-day”. The premise being that the two of them would spend the whole day together doing fun, cool things.

They played card games, went for a walk together, had lunch at the cafe… and then Littletree decided to do something with her now totally bare room.

I came home to see this


Purple and Littletree making great use of the left over paint from our bathroom.

Littletree wants to re-create something like the kitchen we had when we lived in Tel Aviv – I painted it with a blue sky and sunflower scene


(Littletree aged 2)

And the finished product, a tidy, clean, fresh room!


Now I just have to paint the sunflowers!


  1. Amazing! There's a chance we'll be moving house/state in the coming months & I think (fingers crossed) that my guy is ready to purge his "baby things". We'll see...anyway, the room is looking grand!

  2. good luck with the move, rainblissed

  3. This is such a great post. I've been trying to get my daughter to get rid of the toys she no longer plays with to no avail :(

  4. Ah well, I think the main point is that the inspiration came 100% from her.
    Another idea to reduce clutter is to go in with a box and fill it with stuff you know the child hasn't played with in ages and likely wont, and then pack it up and put it in storage somewhere like a garage or attic. Then after a year, if nothing has been requested, you bring the box out, and the child will either be excited to have toys back that she'd forgotten and play with them anew (while you can re-store another batch) or agree to let them go.

  5. Love the blue, such a happy, fresh colour!! Don't you love inspiration??

  6. Inspiration, respiration, perspiration... all good things!

  7. That is beautiful! You have an amazing girl.

    Jen in TX


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