Thursday, 7 July 2011

Adventures in Brisbane

Littletree and I went to a SameSame LGBTIQ meet-up picnic in Brisbane on the weekend, it was so much fun! 07 samesame bris meet

It was great to connect with people, and meet internet-friends in real life.


(Photo from Chad)

I made Guinness muffins and goji truffles, and a few dips to share; super yum! The sweets went down so well!


(photo from Hazy)

Someone brought a badminton set, and Littletree got into playing with some of the guys

06 samesame bris meet

Littletree made friends with the other little girl; the two of them had loads of fun getting up to crazy antics

08 samesame bris meet

Until her new friend bet Littletree that she couldn’t climb to the top of a light pole. Of course, Littletree easily and quickly scaled the pole, touched the top and slid down again.


(Photo from Chad)

Grinning after her winning attempt, Littletree said she felt guilty taking his money, saying “he made that bet, but he didn’t know I could do it, and I knew.” Too cute! We convinced her that she’d earned her $5 fair and square, it was hilarious!


(photo from Hazy)

In the end, Littletree didn’t want to leave, so we’ll definitely try to get to the next one :)


  1. that is just the coolest thing i EVER heard all day. congratulations littletree!

  2. Wow she has grown so much, you're both looking as beautiful as ever xo

  3. thanks Lady Demelza, it was pretty cool.

    Ariad, you have to come too, next time!

    and thanks Lea *blush*

  4. Love that last photo of LT...she looks so grown up!!

  5. yeah, for some reason she just keeps growing!

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