Friday, 9 September 2011

Lady D to the Rescue!

My awesome friend Lady Demelza has come up for a visit, with her partner Uncle CJ. It’s great to have her around, the two of them have inhabited the flat that’s under our house and are enjoying the warm weather and peaceful nature.

We’ve been having a lovely time showing them around the village, and getting them well acquainted with the area and the local folks. We went for a little excursion down to the creek yesterday, and they’ve been making trips to Nimbin and the Gold Coast and just enjoying the view from our deck.


Littletree loves having Lady Demelza around, who is, apparently, a fantastic godmother. They’ve been hanging out, discussing philosophy, engaging in elaborate art projects and raiding all the local Op-Shops.


And I’m so happy to have someone loving and supportive around to help out while things are a bit rough. It’s nice to have a little maroon about the place to compliment all my green :)


  1. Such a pretty creek! So lucky to swim in it.

  2. Sounds lovely, glad to hear that you have a friend staying xo


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)