Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dolphin earrings

Remember Littletree got her ears pierced a few weeks ago?

Well, it was finally enough time since she had them done that she could change the earrings! She’s been counting down the days in anticipation of the big moment.

Since they seemed well-healed, I said she could put in new ones; she’d found a gorgeous pair of silver dolphin earrings last time we went to The Channon market and bought them with her hard-saved pocket money, so we gave them a good cleaning, took out the captured-bead rings she had in, and voila!

20 dolphin earrings

So gorgeous :)

Of course, the dolphins are being kept for special occasions, and she has a simple pair of silver sleepers in for now, but she’s already plotting an extensive earring collection! At least I know what to get her for Rosh Hashanah that’s coming up next week.


  1. They look beautiful Littletree

  2. ...and now I am so excited thinking of all those piles of jewellery at all those op shop counters out there that I will now have a good reason to spend time looking through...

  3. Beautiful! I have been browsing all kinds of dolphin this and that for Naia's 1st birthday next month, as her name means dolphin in Hawaiian. I can't imagine a day when she will be so grown up and wearing earrings, sigh!


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