Monday, 19 September 2011

Life After Lady D

Littletree and I are settling back into life in the house with just the two of us. We’ve started elaborate plans for building a treehouse, made a new bed in the veggie garden with loads of radishes, and done a lot of cleaning up around the place.

Littletree is enjoying her new SodaStream, one of the main benefits of which is it seems sufficiently less wasteful to let her go crazy with shaking up the soda bottles and letting them spray out all over the place. Which counts as science education, right?

But still, I miss having Lady Demelza around, pottering with me in the kitchen (don’t we look awesome in our colour-coordinated aprons!)


And I miss the beautiful contrast of Lady Demelza’s maroon laundry on my gorgeous greenness


But of course, life goes on :) We have all sorts to keep us busy, Spanish classes, homeschool group, dance class, capoeira group, circus class, Littletree’s bakery business, treehouses, village markets, dances, friends, parties, gardening…


  1. I'm loving all these little glimpses of your kitchen :) Have fun building a tree house.

  2. ah the glimpses are a bit like the sneak previews...

  3. I know, as daggy as it is I love all the little glimpses, although I think you would have already realised what a dag I am.

  4. Buena suerte con la casa del árbol!

    My spanish is really really rusty so I don't know if it is con or en.

    Majikfaeire, can I ask you a about natural parenting with toddlers?

  5. yes, Lea, you are a dag.

    and yes, Wednesday Reess, you can. :)

  6. Sorry about taking so long to respond. How handle a major tantrum with a child that hasn't had natural parenting?

  7. all you can ever do is be present with the child. Give her the space she needs to release the pent up frustration, and don't take it personally.

  8. How would I do this in public? My niece is use to getting spanked and it breaks my heart to see her start to back up into a wall (hiding her bottom).


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)