Sunday, 14 September 2008

What a Drive!

We're home again! I was so sad to say goodbye to Lush, but she's gonna be back down here in about three weeks or so, when her contract with work is over, so it wont be too long.

After two fun weeks in Cairns, we packed up and did the long drive home, we actually went pretty fast, and made it all the way home in two days. Way faster than the three days it took getting up there, though we stopped to visit people on the way up.

The drive was around 1900km (almost 1200mi), 12 hours on the road on Friday and 14 hours on Saturday, including stops for fuel, food, and playgrounds. We got home totally exhausted at about 11:20pm last night.

It's funny, we totally would have stopped to sleep around 10pm, we'd gone far enough and were tired enough, but by then we were so close to home, it seemed silly to stop. Not to mention driving through Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there isn't much in the way of rest areas till you get to our neighbourhood.

Anyway, it's good to be home!

And today I have the nice surprise of seeing another of my articles published; one about an inspiring young musician called Amalia Rubin. Check it out!


  1. Welcome home! And thanks for the article link. What a fascinating musician. I will try to get my hands on her recording. Ahhh, the world is full of amazing people (none the least of which, of course, is you!) Hugs.

  2. I like your blog! I'm linking it to mine!

  3. no place like home, hope your sister gets to come visit soon. how is the little ones head? Is she ok?


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