Friday, 26 September 2008

Fire! ...truck!

Our Homeschool group had a visit from the Fire department this week.

Before you all get worried; there was no fire; one of the parents organised them to come out and do a fire safety demonstration. Turns out it's a free community service for school groups, and being a homeschooling group, we qualified :)

It was seriously cool. I think we had our biggest turn-out yet at the meeting. It was raining slightly when the fire truck pulled in, so we all went and sat inside the hall while they Firemen (who were both women) gave a talk about fire  safety.30 HS fire safe

The kids all practiced doing "Stop! Drop! Cover! and Roll!" and crawling out of a burning house.

37 HS fire safe

Then they gave out little goodie bags with all kind of FireSafe branded merchandise and paraphernalia, and we all went out into the drizzle to see the fire truck.

One of the firemen asked me if it would be okay to lead the kids out into the rain, if any of the parents would mind. LOL! All the kids were already out there splashing in puddles and having a great time. :)41 HS fire safe

We had a quick tour of the truck, and looked at the various tools and hoses they had, before the grand finale...

All the kids got to have a go of the fire hose!51 HS fire safe

That was so cool! Then they drove off in a blaze of flashing lights and sirens :) 


  1. I'm still shocked by the colour of the truck - it was orange! Is it the standard colour in Australia?

    I guess it is brighter than red, and therefore has some advantage, but totally ruined any pre-conceived notion I had of fire-trucks. (together with the idea that firemen are big *men* with big beards)

  2. Looks like a fun time.

    Moddy - that looks like a rural fire service (rfs) truck, I think they are orange, but the town brigades have red trucks (from my observations of ones I've around here).

  3. Looks like loads of fun! We did this years ago when the kids were pre-school age. I must organize it again now they are older and understand more!

    I bet the kids had just as much fun sloshing in the mud!


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