Thursday, 18 September 2008

Walking on Knives

Yesterday we went ice skating with our local homeschool group and today my feet are KILLING me!

I realised something. When Hans Christian Andersen wrote that The Little Mermaid's feet would hurt like she was walking on knives, he meant rental skates! Man, I've no idea why they're made that way, but skates always make my feet so swollen and bruised.

At least Littletree had a great time, especially as one of her best friends came with us.03 skating

After the ice rink, we stopped in a great park I found for a picnic on the way home. The girls had a ball running around the rainforest, and climbing trees and stuff.

10 forest fairies

06 tree climbers


  1. Looks like fun! I really wanted to see a picture of YOU skating though! Were your skates green?

  2. sorry erin. I didn't really take many pics this time. though there was a nice photo of me skating last time we went, you can see it here

  3. If I go skating (ice or roller) for a few hours and then take them off, I always have that strange feeling in my feet that I'm still skating when I walk. lol

  4. What a beautiful place.
    I love to skate too. but it does take a while to get use to the pain of wearing skates.

  5. I have never been ice skating in my life, maybe I should try it :-)

    Love the photos!!


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