Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Water Slide

Yesterday we went to visit Bella and her tribe of six children, who I know from Liberated Learning. It was great to meet them, and though it was raining a little, the kids still went out and had a ball on a makeshift water slide they had set up.

Littletree was totally in love with it; I was amazed to see how she's getting better and better being around water.

50 slideI really loved meeting another homeschooling family, and seeing how all the kids were really involved with so many activities.

We've been having so much fun up here, but I think it's gonna be time to head back south pretty soon; the rainy season has begun!


  1. Cute kids! :)

    The REAL rainy season won't begin till December though, yk!

  2. Little tree is a scrappy little thing. Seems she adapts very well to all your adventures.
    How is her head where she fell?


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