Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy Birthday Purple

Today is Purple's 38th birthday.

When we told Littletree yesterday that it's going to be her Aba's birthday, she said "people usually have a cake for their birthday. But you know, a whole cake is too much for one person to eat. You'll need someone to help you eat it."

So lucky we had her to help with that! LOL

We had a quiet day at home, made brownies, played Monopoly, watched some videos, played with Barbies.

I've been prety busy working hard on getting Liberated Learning running smoothly, writing more articles for Essence of Life, and I attended a birth via Skype last night!

Tomorrow is homeschool group - we're going ice skating again :)

Oh, and Littletree is just fine after her fall down the stairs. Thanks everyone who sent her well-wishes!


  1. Why Happy Birthday Purple! It's Ealesy's birthday too (26th), how's that for a coin-kee-dink!?


    Glad to hear Little Tree is doing well :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Purple.
    May he have many many more.
    That littletree is one smart cookie, that was cute about the cake..but very true. We love birthday cake at our house too.

  3. Happy Birthday to Purple!

    Hey we attended that birth together... count me as your midwifery assistant LOL

  4. Erin; I will if you count me as yours ;)


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)