Monday, 22 September 2008

Happy Equinox

We had a great weekend celebrating the Oestre Equinox - the start of Spring.

The weather is warm and sunny, and the flowers are blooming. We went to two equinox parties, one was a picnic down by the creek at EarthMama and Autumn's place.

17 equinox river

It was nice to see everyone, and especially see how the little baby Rainbow has grown. Littletree was so happy to hang out with him.

18 equinox picnicEarthMama set up a beautiful temple, and we circled and Aummed, and sung a song to welcome the spring; one of Littletree's composition. I can't quite remember how it went, something like:

"Spring time, spring time, Come and sing time, Spring time, spring time, Magic in bloom" 

19 equinox temple

Then we went to Australia's Macadamia Capital for a potluck and bonfire with some of the crew from Liberated Learning.  

24 hs equinox

We had a great time, with all the kids running around, and sharing yummy food. It was wonderful to be around people who weren't freaked out by having children around a bonfire. We all felt confident that our children knew about the dangers of fire; we trusted them to know what they were doing, and they knew we were right there if they needed help :)

27 bonfire

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