Sunday, 26 December 2010


At Littletree’s request, we had a sort of Christmas celebration here… though we did it in honour of Mithras.

Since we now live in a village with established friends and neighbours, Littletree had accumulated a hefty stash of presents under her “tree” (well, I think compared to the average Christmas-celebrating Aussie family, it was pretty minimal, but for us it seemed huge).


I think there was about a dozen presents, though admittedly four of them were from me ;) Littletree was hugely impressed, especially considering the only time she’s ever gotten Christmas presents before was two years ago, when she got two presents (last year we managed to avoid the whole affair by being at the World Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand).

Littletree’s Christmas wish list contained: a photo album; a yacht; a trip to India; and funky t-shirts. We already got her some t-shirts at the op shop last week, and we’re going to India next year… a yacht was out of my budget, so I got her a photo album, and a gift card to have photos developed. She was so happy to get that! I also got her a small box of her favourite chocolates and a coconut


Her godmother sent a chemistry set


Our neighbour gave Littletree a Ganesha colouring book


A friend from rainbow sent us all little hanging decorations made from origami cranes


And she also got a few assorted trinkets from her friends in the neighbourhood.

I even got a present! The ever-gorgeous Lady Demelza sent down a magical box full of goodies, including this awesome bumper sticker for me:


Women & midwives united – PEACE AT BIRTH – PEACE ON EARTH – bringing honour & trust back to birth

An excellent sentiment :) Merry Season to everyone!


  1. majikfaerie! Sending you joy and light and wishing you & little tree a magical New Year! Can you send me your mailing address? I want to send little tree a New Year's gift! My email is: kericahill34(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Your blog always brings me joy!!

  2. Hey! I send Littletree a present every year around Christmas time. Are you implying that Australia Post has lost every single one for the past 7 years??? ;)
    P.S. I still have the crane you made from denim and painted white about a lifetime ago.

  3. aw, poly, you do! but you always call it a "Yule" gift. and we gave the presents to Littletree without really mentioning that they're *Christmas* presents, just "presents" from her godmother without specific reason, you know, just coz you love her.
    Henceforth let it be known: Littletree's godmother Poly Nucleotide always sends gifts, because she's just awesome like that =D

  4. Merry Christmas to you and little tree.

  5. Hi majikfaerie

    just wanted to give a big shout out to you!
    Love what you are doing, keep up the work :)

    Hugs from Marlie *


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