Friday, 24 December 2010

Hand Made Presents

Being that we live in Australia now, and I’m all for participating in the local culture, customs and traditions of wherever we happen to be, I decided to give a few of our friends and neighbours Christmas presents this year.

Of course, I’m still me, so rather than going to buy random stuff to wrap up, I made special batches of my organic chocolate truffles in various flavours – the new favourite is Chilli-Citrus.


I folded some origami gift boxes - little-known fact about me: I did four years of Japanese in school, but I can’t remember more than a few words and phrases. I do, however, remember how to make origami gift boxes.


The end result was fantastic; a cheap and easy way to create beautiful, effective gifts… and the best part; even better than being home-made, nourishing, organic treats… they’re DELICIOUS!




  1. I love who you are...and I want some!

    love to you and little Tree!

  2. Oh yes, if I'm ever your neighbour I can't wait til Christmas :P

  3. Ditto to the first two comments!! Nomm!

    Any chance of a tutorial for the origami boxes? They look wonderful!

  4. come on over and pick yours up Mrs K!

  5. I second the motion for an origami box tutorial. What a lovely gift idea!


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