Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Happy Hannukah

*for some reason, this post didn’t go through last week when I sent it originally, so I’m re-posting*

A Short photo-essay of Hannukah 2010

10 hannukah

12 hannukah

25 hannukah

27 Hannukah

31 hannukah

33 hannukah

35 hannukah

As far as holidays go, it’s really not all that big of a deal, but it is nice to light the candles and sing a little song every evening, and to feel part of a tradition.


  1. LittleTree is growing so much! She has such a confidence in her eyes, I love it! We lit candles on the last night of Hanukkah as well, we made our own menorah out of seashells and beeswax... beautiful and so easy to be through with in a small space. Cheers!

  2. thanks boatbaby :) seashells and beeswax sounds like a beautiful hannukiah. We always made them out of rocks or wood or shells... we did have once once that was an old Commodore 64! But Purple's mum sent us a fancy silver one, so we use that now. it is, at least, convenient.

  3. Love that last pic, just gorgeous.


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