Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Midwifery 101 with Gloria Lemay

I’ve been sitting in on Gloria Lemay’s Midwifery 101 classes, which are a great intro course into midwifery, and joy of joys, she’s announced another series of the same classes starting in January, at a time suitable for those in the European, African, Asian and Australian time zones.

Check it out HERE. The classes are weekly for 20 weeks, starting on the 24th of January, until the 6th of June 2011, and unbelievable value at $140, I highly recommend anyone interested in birthwork to join; students, midwives, doulas, pregnant mamas.

Proceeds from the class are going to support the current legal challenge to birth rights led by Lisa Barrett


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Ela. I'm very excited to be teaching it and Lisa Barrett will be co-teaching, too, so it should be amazing. I appreciate all the support you give me. Love Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC Canada

  2. thanks for doing all the work, Glo *hug*

  3. Oh that would be an amazing class to take.


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