Monday, 13 December 2010

Midwifery Monday

I started hosting morning teas for my clients and any pregnant women or new mums in the area to get together and have a birthing-focussed women’s circle.

It’s been really lovely to sit with women and have a natter, and very convenient for me when I have 4 clients all approaching due – this way I get to see them all at once, rather than seeing each one individually every week, and I can answer everyone’s questions at the same time, rather than repeating myself over and over. Even better, the mamas all talk amongst themselves too, so they get to share and connect with each other.

02 midwifery circle

Its great for the mamas who’ve already had their baby to share with the pregnant mamas, and for everyone to be able to talk about their experience, and know they’re not alone. And we all get to fawn over the cute babies, and I get to see them as they grow.

03 lohwana

I’ve also been listening in on Gloria Lemay’s new online Midwifery Classes, which are awesome – I highly recommend them to anyone interested in midwifery or birthwork, they’re incredibly affordable and open to anyone. Check it out HERE.


  1. That is such a great idea. Especially as alot of women find pregnancy and new-motherhood isolates them a bit.

  2. What a great idea....:)

    I love those purple lounges...:)

  3. Ahh how I a preggy belly, what gorgeous ladies.

  4. What a lovely idea :) Yet again wishing I lived in your neighbourhood xoxo

  5. thanks everyone :)
    yep, preggy bellies are something special!
    and Sazz, I often wish you lived in my neighbourhood as well.


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