Saturday, 9 May 2009


We have a bit of a full house at the moment; my ex wife, Química came to visit for a couple of weeks, and a German friend of mine from Phuket, Itera is staying with us as well.

Littletree has been having a fantastic time with Química, who arrived wearing lipstick and nail polish; very rare and exciting things for Littletree of course. (though Química wouldn't let me take a photo). And Itera, whom Littletree has been decorating and teaching ballet to.



Lately it has been cold enough to light the fire, and we're really enjoying the toasty, coziness.

CIMG6551 And Littletree has been constantly toasting marshmallows


Should be really fun next weekend; my sister called yesterday to say she's coming up for a visit as well (of course, next weekend will be my 30th birthday, so we should have a big crowd in the house then)

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