Sunday, 24 May 2009


It's raining. A LOT.

I checked our rain gauge, as I do every day, only to find this:


Yep. it's at 98mm. That was at 4pm. The next morning I checked it again the next morning at 9 o'clock and guess how much rain we'd had? I don't know either! The gauge was overfilling!

We actually had about 250mm of rain (like 10") in 2 days. A lot of our area got flooded, but thankfully it was milder than the bureau of meteorology had predicted.

Yesterday the floodwaters were receding, so we made a trip to the city to catch a sale at an electrical store (I bought a new fridge to replace the old one that came with the house, and freezes everything even on the warmest setting).

On the way we drove through a couple of spots that were under a few inches of water, and one spot that was under deep water - we could only just pass in our little car




Sorry the pics are low quality - taken with my cell phone since my camera is on the blink.

I am so thankful to have a dry home! The last house we lived in filled up with water every time it rained. And our new house is really high up, so there's virtually no chance of it being flooded (though a good chance we could get stuck in it!)

It does seem ironic though, that we get all this excessive rain when most of the rest of Australia is under severe drought and water restrictions.


  1. Funny that, I had a dream about flooding last night. Glad to hear you're safe.

  2. We have had a lot of rain too but thankfully not quite as much as you. We are still on water restrictions down here, unfortunately the rain seems to miss the dam and fall on the coast.

  3. Yeah, save some water for the rest of Australia...maldito cerdos...



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