Friday, 15 May 2009

Fill in

While the chicken soup really helped, I've still been coughing all week, feeling a bit sorry for myself and all that, so I haven't posted at all, sorry.

and I still don't have anything to post, so I'll entertain you all with a cute picture of Littletree with the lace parasol she found in a hard rubbish collection on the street (we washed it)


Purple playing flute in the park at our local homeschool group


The ever-gorgeous Química making me dinner


Purple and Littletree dancing (note the awesome incidental colour coordination)


And funniest of all; me solving a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes. Yeah, I know, 2 minutes is hardly a record of any sort (I think in this one it's really like 1:50 or something), and I'm really out of practice.

I learned to solve the cube in Africa, Purple told me a few tricks, and then I traveled from Cape Town to Cairo by hitch-hike, bus and once a boat, with my cube, and any time I was waiting for a ride, I would practice solving the cube. By the end of that journey I got really good at it!

Now we're all preparing for my birthday party - I'm celebrating my 30th tomorrow evening! (though my birthday is on the 17th)


  1. Wow ... really good on the cube! My little girl thinks so too...
    Happy 30th!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday MF! I would so have loved to come but we have a few things going on, at the homefront at the moment so can't leave. I am still hoping a miracle will occur and I can sneak off to Rainbow!!!!!!

    Great pictures, love Littetrees outfit, what a great find. And the picture of her and Purple is fantastic, she looks like she is growing out of his body! LOL!

    Zak came home and presented me with a beautiful basket he found on one the neighbours throw out piles, I must admit, its one of my favourites now. Amazing what people put in the rubbish, have they not heard of opshops? Honestly what a waste!

  3. Have a wonderful 30th Birthday..:)

  4. Happy birthday! I loved turning 30. I think it's a good year for women. :-)

  5. Happy birthday!!! My thirties were fantastic- I'm sure yours will be too :)

  6. Happy Birthday MF, and I thought it was only nerds like me that have such amaing skills such as rubics cube solving... Enjoy your party!

  7. Well done, on the cube....I wish I had the patience to try it.

    Have a great birthday!!!


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