Friday, 1 May 2009


This week at the Homeschool group in town we had a workshop held by a Mathemagician.

06 mathemagician

I didn't go since I wasn't feeling well, but Purple took Littletree. The workshop was maybe a little advanced for the younger kids, but basically they were learning about magic numbers and the basics of drawing mandalas.

07 mathemagician

I love that our group is very natural-learning oriented, so the kids were free to join in, or not, as they so chose. The children who didn't want to join in with the mathemagician could play or draw or whatever.

Meanwhile, I had a great day to myself at home :)

Then we went to the local homeschool group in our village, which was held at a friend's house.

The kids all had a great time playing, running around the garden, and of course, jumping on the trampoline.


I appreciate so much living in this area, where we have so many other like-minded home-schooling families to be with, and so many resources.


  1. Half your luck! All my like minded friends keep moving away! I might just have to come live up there too one day! Its getting a bit sad around here!

  2. You officially have the coolest homeschool group ever! I am green with envy. We may have to sail your way just to be a part of what seems like a lovely community!

  3. majic numbers and mandalas - that looks like a great thing to discover and investigate, thanks mathemagician! would love to have a mathemagician here in a few years :) perhaps i could get into training?!

  4. wow, a sunken trampoline... how revolutionary



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