Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Disaster!!! My Camera is Dying :(

Yeah, I know. It's just a thing. It's not like Littletree is in any danger or my house burned down or we ran out of tiramisu ice cream or anything drastic like that... but still... I love my camera and it's just about dead.

My darling little camera is an Exilim z70. It's fantastic. I love it to bits. It takes great pictures, it's tiny enough to fit in my pocket, it starts up fast, and takes great pictures. I take a lot of photos - yep, that's my flickr account with over 4,000 photos on it.

But lately it wont start up. I can usually get it working by taking the battery out, and the memory card, hitting it a few times and putting it all back together again. Now the lens started jamming when I try to zoom. Waaaa!

So I have to get a new one. I've been spending hours trawling camera websites, getting lost in lens angles, megapixels, zoom lengths, video functions...

I'm thinking about just buying a new one just the same as the old one, but in the newer model. I think it even comes in green ;)

Meanwhile, there might not be too many photos on my blog for a bit till I get myself a new one. I put the paypal button back on the right column so feel free to donate to help me take more great pics! :p

(remember the great ant photos I took?)

Ant 1 05 ant


  1. That ant on the CD is what lured me to your blog in the first place. I am in the same boat -- only my camera AND laptop are dying. The laptop is being fixed (I am working on a borrowed one at the moment) But I don't have the $ for a camera just now. :(
    I hold my breath every time I turn the thing on and half my pics just come out blurry for no particular reason.
    Please post what you end up buying. At least you can get it as a birthday gift to yourself!

  2. Oh no! disaster! You have my sympathy, i was without laptop for about a month before i got the lead repaired and it was hell so i completely know how it feels when one of your 'tools' is on life support *sigh*. My little camera sounds a lot like yours, quick, easy and exceedingly portable and i firmly believe that they're the best type. As you already know i'm a complete technophobe - still no pics on my blog, can you guess why? lol! - so any talk of lenses and settings brings me out in a cold sweat! I've another camera that has twiddly bits on it but it's much too big to just carry around with me and by the time i've set it up to do what i want either i've forgotten what i wanted to capture or the moment has been lost anyway, *groan* I hope yours soldiers on until the right replacement comes to you.
    B.t.w. It's lovely to be back in blogland and catch up with you all, it seems you've had some lovely adventures during my absence so i've a bit of catching up to do......

  3. My camera has died too, I'm dependent on my phone for photos at the moment. I can use my husband's camera, but it's incredibly high tech & I don't WANT to learn how to use it, I just want something simple I can keep in my bag & use quickly.

  4. My Canon A85 has been silly buggers lately (not focusing, screen blanking out). I think it's on the way out too. I was asking my dad about cameras. He upgraded his camera and gave me his Nikon and 2 lenses (one is a telephoto). They have a tiny bit of mould on them - he can't sell them but they are fine for me. The mould spot is so small that it dosen't show up on the photos.

    It would be nice to have a little camera to fit in my pocket and take every where with me.

    It's funny how anything can be blogging potential. lol..:)

  5. What type of ant is it ?
    from Katie age 8.

  6. answer for katie: I believe it's one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmecia_forficata
    (though the two photos likely aren't of the same ant - I took them about a year apart)

  7. If you're looking for a decent P&S, check out the Canon PowerShot S5 and this link to some awesome pics it can take:




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