Sunday, 31 August 2008

On The Road Again

We made it out of the house! After so many weeks of procrastination it was great to just do it. To pack the car with no fanfare or goodbyes and start driving.

We got out of the house and on the road before 10am on Thursday morning, and made good time driving north to visit Valleysprite and her wonderful family just out of Gympie in southern Queensland.

They live on a beautiful property, with an enormous tree swing

CIMG4271Valleysprite's kids are entering a competition to be voted wildlife warriors, they made a fantastic video, so check it out and vote for them! Give them a five star rating as well :) Click here to see it.

CIMG4287The next morning, after a lazy pancake breakfast, we jumped in the van and drove. and drove. and drove. We tried to stop a lot and take breaks, especially for Littletree, who got antsey in the car. After about 1000km she took to her hair with a pair of scissors, so she has an interesting punk effect at the front!

We slept the night in a rest area just south of Mackay, and drove on.

In the morning, we crossed paths with some friends who were driving south, and we stopped to chat with them. 

While we were sitting in the playground next to a gas station, a huge gang of bikers came up. The line of them seemed endless, coming around the bend; the noise horrific! It was really cool. They all pulled into the gas station to fill up. Sadly I was slow getting my camera out to snap the huge procession of them driving, but I got a snap of the queue at the pumps. You can't really see, but there were hundreds of them.


Ever northward, we kept on, not quite expecting to arrive to Cairns that night, CIMG4290but we did! At about 9pm we pulled into town, and got to Rapunzel's place. She lives in a big share house full of hippies, in full swing of a huge party. 

Rapunzel was dressed up as a gypsy, as was the theme of the party. We were so stoked to see her, though still exhausted from driving 2000km (1200mi) in three days.

And lo! Rapunzel had shorn off her long locks, and is now sporting a spunky new haircut. I suppose I shall have to think of a new nickname for her.CIMG4293

Anyway, it's great to arrive, and fantastic to see her again. Littletree is so excited to have her big sister back, and I'm about ready to sleep for 100 years! I guess we'll stay here a week or 2, and then start the long drive southward.

But who knows... we might end up living here :)


  1. Wow! Glad to see you arrived safely! Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Great pictures!

  2. Great photos... I see that littletree is very much attached to that wonderful pink dress!!

  3. Hey there Majikfaerie,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Liberated Learning is wonderful too.Thank you for starting such a space up....
    Great pics....have a lovely journey!

    Ellie- also known as Laiste

    P.S. My little woman loves pink too.

  4. My daughter cut the entire side of her hair off when she was was almost down to her waist. I had to get it cut so short TO even it up, she looked like a little boy! Thank goodness hair grows fast. Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister.

  5. I have an award for you over at my blog. (No smilies over there but good intentions and love).

    I forgot to mention before my youngest gave himself a haircut just a couple of months ago, he looked like an oompa loompa! He has since had it chopped off! (His choice!)


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