Saturday, 9 August 2008

Shabat Shalom!

Last week for Shabat we had a big Israeli Feast.

Purple decided to make cholent; a traditional Jewish meal that is cooked very slowly for the sabbath.

He started by soaking beans, barley and chick peas on Thursday evening.
Friday afternoon, before sunset, I got the fire stoked and Purple put the soaked grains in the pressure cooker, with some potatoes and whole eggs and got it boiling on the stove. Just as the sun set, we put it on the fire, and left it to simmer the whole night.

In the morning, the fire was out, but the pot was still warm :) Purple made some rice to an Arab recipe he learnt from his mother and we roasted pumpkin.

We invited two Israeli families to eat Shabat lunch with us, so it was twelve people in our tiny little house - six adults and six children! Pretty crowded, but lots of fun.



  1. It just looks so delicious, I feel like tucking in myself :-)

  2. way cool (:
    my mom used to make chulent, but for some reason she doesnt do it anymore.
    i like our food. it's so... jewishy (;

  3. Oh, I'd love for us to do a *real* sabbath meal - I am studying Jewish-Christian Relations, but we don't really have any recipes for a proper meal.

    The Broken man


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