Monday, 25 August 2008

Sew; A Needle Pulling Thread

I got a Sewing machine!

Quite a few people went into giving me this wonderful gift. It all started with Purple's mother wanting to give me her old sewing machine for my birthday. I was happy to have it, but to be honest, bringing a sewing machine home from Israel was pretty unrealistic, and the shipping would have cost more than it was worth. So she suggested that I buy a second-hand machine here and send her the bill.

After spending a few days on the internet trying to find a good, old machine to buy, I gave up, feeling that there was no way I could buy a machine I've never seen before and know nothing about.

I decided to post a notice wishing for a sewing machine on our local community notice board, and trust that if I'm meant to have a machine, it will come to me.

Just a couple of days later, I called Autumn and Earth Mama to check in with them, and Autumn told me my sewing machine was there for me to pick up!

29 sewing machineTurns out someone they know had seen my notice, and somehow knew that I was their midwife, so left the machine at their place for me to collect! I was so excited to get it. It's an old Singer; after much internettery, I found out it's from 1967, and a really great model. 80 sewingI put it in for a service, and bought some new bobbins and needles, and bang! instant sewing machine :)

I took it for the first test drive today; whipped up an outrageous pink spinning dress for Littletree, copying the pattern from another dress she has.81 dress

Clearly Littletree loves the dress to bits, and spent the rest of the day twirling around in it.


  1. Gorgeous! Congrats on the new threads ;-)

  2. How wonderful... Littletree's dress is stunning and very, very pink *lol*

    Love it and congratulations on your new sewing machine, I look forward to viewing many more of your creations

  3. Wow now that's a retro machine! Awesome!

  4. My first was my Ma's a very similar almost as old Singer. Loved it. Then I had an ancient old workhorse Viking that did all of my business sewing for years. Now I have a really old pink one. I just love the old ones-they were really built well.

  5. What a happy color..if you are crafty bet you could make all kinds of things to sell.
    I love to sew, but no machine.

  6. What a great dress! I bet she loves it. Congrats on the machine!


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