Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Activities For A Sunny Day

Amazingly, it hasn't rained at all since we got the rain gauge, but Littletree has been putting it to good use.

Making potions!20 potion

She's been having lots of fun lately with food dyes, baking soda and vinegar.

Here's one of Littletree's latest songs, I add new ones from time to time on my Youtube. It's really interesting to see the progression from her early stuff, like the Heart Transplant song to this one. It's almost like so many singer/songwriters who started out doing really powerful, deep music and then they sold out and began doing bubblegum pop LOL

Somehow reminds me of Shakira.


  1. haa! I love that she pauses in there after a "hello" to think and then ends up falling back to "kitty" anyway. heeee! Her hip-shakin is good stuff, too!

  2. So adorable! Kids are great for making us giggle. :)

  3. my one year old has a serious crush now.

  4. Just wanted to share this blog link with you.
    You should come! I think it's going to be GREAT!

  5. thanks for that link melissa!
    i would really love to go, and probably we would, but the flight to the US would make it too much for us :(
    start campaigning for next year's cruise to be somewhere nearer to australia, like south pacific or south east asia, and we're so there!

  6. I'm in tears from giggling along with you. I love that she has to restart to get the hips to accent the right words in a specific direction. What a darling! Thanks for sharing ;)

    My little girl has reached the must-break-out-in-song-at-least-once-per-day stage of development :)

  7. My little boy has been thru a couple of litres of vinegar and a pack of bicarb this week! Have you done the one where you put a balloon quickly ontop of a bottle and the vinegar-bicarb mix blows up the balloon?


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