Monday, 4 August 2008


I bought a bath tub!
Furthering on my Home Improvement fad, I bought a bath tub for $50. Someone had advertised it on the noticeboard in town and I snapped it up. I *love* having a bath, and I've been missing it.
So, with Littletree away at her first sleepover, Purple and I got to work on setting it up.

Again I forgot to take progress photos, but I started with clearning a little bit of the rainforest just at the back of the house. Then we carried the tub and put it in place. A few wooden boards were nailed together to keep it stable and in place, and i dug a little drain which I filled with gravel collected from the roadside. We had an old bed base lying around, which made a perfect deck and voila! it looks fantastic :)
07 bush bath

Of course i had to test it out, and we managed to rig up a funnel on the shower, with a bit of hose attached that almost made it into the tub. We filled buckets and tipped the hot water in, I guess it was about 20 minutes to fill it up, once we had the system organised.

AHHHHHhhhhhh :D
10 bath relax


  1. That looks so cool. I would really love to have an outdoor bath, I have this picture of bathing in the moonlight, surrounded by lots of candles. It's obviously summer in my dream as well, lol!

  2. Wow, an outdoor bath... What a perfect way to relax and be surrounded by nature :-)

  3. Now you can offer waterbirths at your home LOL

  4. oh my. I really would love to soak in a hot bath. Especially one outdoors! We have been traveling for over a month and I have had only showers. I miss my tub so much. I cant wait to visit some hot springs next week ;-)

    all you need is a glass of wine in your hand. . . .picturesque!

  5. I'm happy for you.

    We LOVE our outdoor tub! They are free here all the time because in America everyone redoes their house every 2 years.

    Will you go solar?


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