Monday, 2 June 2008

We're fine!!! (old post)

while we were in China, I couldn't access Blogger, so I tried to send a post in by email because I got all these comments from people worrying about us, only it didn't work and I only now found the post had been saved into the drafts section, rather than published, oddly enough. Well, it's pretty belated now, I think it was from the 1st of June. but here it is:

I don't know if this is working - is blocked from China, so I can't really access my site :(
Anyway, we are out of the Rainbow Gathering, it was fantastic! The next World Rainbow Gathering will be in New Zealand, December 2009, as well as an African gathering in september 09 and a gathering in Taiwan in jan 09.
My ankle is better (though Purple injured his knee, so it balances), and we weren't in the area of the earthquake. But thanks for all the concern. I feel loved!
I had a wonderful birthday with the Rainbow Family, and we enjoyed our weeks in a paradise tropical jungle with spectacular waterfalls and abundant mushrooms.
More details later - we fly back to Thailand tonight so I'll upload photos and write a nice long post!

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