Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sometimes A Sprained Ankle is a Good Thing

I sprained my ankle in the desert, which seemed like maybe it could spoil our travel plans, or at least make things difficult.

Well. It did make things difficult, but in some ways, it was a good thing. I spent the last day in Israel sitting with my foot up, which was good, since I got a lot of work done, and I was able to take a wheelchair when we went through Amman Airport in Jordan, where we had an overnight stopover, and when we arrived to Bangkok Airport.

The flight from Tel Aviv to Amman is so short, they don't even have time to turn off the seatbelt light or serve a snack. We don't even get up to cruising altitude. But then we had a long wait until our onward flight. Luckily, Royal Jordanian Airlines are a bit old-fashioned, and they put extended transit passengers up in the airport hotel with complementary buffet.

The hotel is pretty shabby - it probably was very nice and of high-standard when it was built, back in 1985. But it clearly hasn't been renovated or had any repairs since then. Still, we got a nice room with 3 beds, basic cable TV and a bath, which is infinitely better than the usual sitting in an airport "transit lounge" (an oxymoron if ever there was one).

Arriving to Bangkok, we asked again for a wheelchair, and a man came along with one. It was great. He pushed me all the way
thorough the mile of corridors to immigration, and even jumped the queue for us and took care of the passports. Actually, he went so fast, Purple and Littletree could barely keep up!

Then he got my bags off the luggage carousel, and led us through customs and even got me a taxi! I think it was barely 20 minutes from getting off the plane to speeding away in the cab - a world record, surely :)

Anyway, now we're in Bangkok, it's hot. My ankle is starting to feel better, and tomorrow we fly to China. So it could be a whiles before I post again, Here's a cute pic of Littletree, just to tide you over...

80 flower girl


  1. She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking with her red hair and freckles. Such a pretty child.
    Hope you have a safe, yet fun journey.
    Take lots of pictures. I love seeing other countries.

  2. Another adorable shot of your sweet LT! Hope the ankle continues to heal quickly. Looking forward to hearing about China and your adventures there. I'll be sending safe and happy travel vibes your way :-)

  3. Awwww, I'm sorry about your ankle! It must be such a bummer to be injured while traveling the world!
    Btw, LT is soooooo cute!

  4. hope your ankle is on the mend... but what's with the silence. Give us updates already! We want to know the latest on your globe trotting travels... stop having adventures and fill us in so we can live vicariously through you some more :D

  5. P.S. TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, my dear! I do hope you are OK. Not sure where you were heading in China, but with all the sad earthquake news I keep hearing, makes me wonder and fret for you. Please check in and let us know you're well as soon as you can!!


  7. Hello, i´m a romanian mother, actually living in Spain... i hope you´re all alright and i´m looking forward to reading the future happenings... i feel i have so much to learn from people like you; even if your lifestyle scares me a bit, the most of the times i feel i would like to be a little LT... i´m also breastfeeding my almost three uears old daughter and we´re still co-sleeping, and I hope we´re never cut the "umbilical string"...
    Cris and Ceza

  8. I hope you guys are okay! I miss reading your blog! I hope that you didn't get stuck in the earthquake mess in China!

  9. Hope you're okay majik...getting a little worried about you!


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