Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It's Been A Long Time

We're back in Thailand! China was great and the rainbow gathering was fantastic, but it feels good to be 'home' in Bangkok.

Sorry that I didn't post for so long, but I did warn you all that I'd be mostly incommunicado while in China - no Internet at the rainbow gathering; we were in the jungle on top of a mountain, and in any case, Blogger is blocked in China (annoyingly, half of the Internet is blocked) so I couldn't post.

003 eating wormsI did see all the comments everyone left, expressing concern about us with my extended silence, especially with the earthquake in Sichuan and all; I feel so touched, thank you. And I did try to send a quick post from my email... but clearly that didn't work. Oh well.

Anyway, I just finished downloading, cropping, rotating and renaming all our photos - over 200 of them, and I shall write a nice long post or maybe two about our adventures in the next day.

Meanwhile; enjoy this lovely snap of Littletree in Bangkok, eating worms wrapped in seaweed, the night we left for China...

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  1. WOOHOO, you are back to blogging!
    When I saw the new post, I was so surprised I gasped! Glad you are okay, I was getting worried!


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