Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Oishi Desu Ne!

Purple left, back to Israel a few days ago, but before he left, we all went to Oishi - a Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet...

OMG!! The place is AMAZING! Huge bars laden with all kinds of sashimi and sushi, and other Japanese dishes. We filled our plates so many times :)
22 oishi sushi

Chinese steamed dumplings galore, and a huge area full of platters of raw meats and fish that you can select, and they cook them fresh and bring it to the table.

Purple took a plate of meat and they brought it to the table in a little pot of soup, that was cooked at the table. I stuffed myself on raw fish, Littletree ate HEAPS of sushi and some miso soup.

Littletree got out her lipstick and princess crown and made herself and Frangipani beautiful. She declared that Frangipani was the Queen of the Universe, and she was Princess of the Universe. Jo was King of the Universe and Purple was Prince of the Universe. And me? I was the Midwife of the Universe. Funny, all this time I had assumed the Universe was a Freebirther LOL We mostly just hung out for ages laughing and chatting, occasionally heading up to refill our platesThen Littletree discovered the restaurant had a playground! She even made friends with a little girl who was there, though they had no common language; the other girl was speaking Thai, the kids communicated and played together just fine :)
25 oishi playground

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  1. Oh my goodness, trust me to see that lovely looking food here when I'm really, really hungry :-)a


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