Saturday, 7 June 2008

China World Rainbow Gathering

We got a lift up to the turn-off from the main road near the rainbow - a 40 minute hike up a steep cow trail. Well, 40-minutes for a fit person without a lot of luggage. For us with our big bags, and Littletree, in pouring rain and mud, it took more than double that.

At some point on the trail, I fell off the path, 2 metres down into a hole, where I ended up hanging literally by my fingernails onto brittle bushes, over a five metre drop to rocks in the river below! It was a scary moment, and I couldn't get out with my backpack on, but Purple managed to pull me out.

We made it in the end, with Littletree managing to walk all the way by herself. It was so wonderful to arrive to Welcome Centre to be greeted by caring family and a hot cup of chai :)021 welcome centre A couple of days in Welcome Centre - still in seed camp really, and then the family decided it was a sunny day and time to move to the main kitchen and main circle, which was about 500 metres up the trail.

The site was so beautiful - faeries everywhere, swarms of butterflies by day and fireflies by night. Beautiful lush green jungle full of edible plants and mushrooms of many kinds, fruit trees, 2 rivers, 3 spectacular waterfalls...

Main Circle:057 main circle Swimming Pool

073 deep poolWaterfall:075 waterfallWe had beautiful circles every day, and wonderful food; a small but strong international family from all over the world. 097 circling I celebrated my 29th Birthday, which was wonderful to be in rainbow for. I got some nice presents and a good massage too :D

It rained a lot, so we spent a lot of time under the big tarps in the kitchen / chai shop, but we also had a lot of sun050 rained out rainbows034 ribbonThe children made a little rainbow gardening in the Kid's Kitchen (aka Main Kitchen/ Chai Shop)094 rainbow gardening Family communed with nature...095 buffalo lars

And finally we had a consensus in Vision Council for there to be a Black Current Regional Rainbow Gathering in Taiwan in January 2009 (The black current is an ocean current in East Asia, starting in the Philippines and flowing north along the coast of China to the north of Japan).

Consensus for an African Regional Rainbow Gathering to be held in Morocco, in September 2009 and The Next World Rainbow Gathering to be in New Zealand in December 2009 -  January 2010!

Okay, I have about 100 photos from the gathering, so I can't post them all here, but you can see them here if you want.


  1. You're my hippy guru, girl. Rock on with your bad self. That looks amazing!

  2. Happy Birth Day Mama!! You're so young...

  3. So glad that you arrived safely :-) You know, I'm always reminded of the film The Beach when I see photos of the rainbow gatherings :-) I liked that film, the idealism, the pureness of the community (before it turned sour that is). But the rainbow gatherings seem to be a lot of fun :-)

  4. That picture of the man with the cows cracked me up..
    I have to say you have quite the adventures, and your little tree is just precious.
    Great photos, thank you for sharing.

  5. yeaaaaa girl!!!! massive aroha to you! It's going to be magical having such a big whanau in Aotearoa in 09 yeaaa!! blessinsg abundant ginny sistar xx


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