Friday, 5 October 2007

The Story of the Infinite Unicorns

We are still at the rainbow gathering... I've just come to town to do some shopping...
Anyway, I just wanted to share a story that Littletree told me; she made it up as she went along, and the whole story took about an hour, full of details. Well, I'll write a synopsis:
The Story of the Infinite Unicorns
Once Upon a Time
there was a little girl called Demelza. She was down by the river with her mama
when a flying unicorn with beautiful wings came and offered to give her a ride on its back. Then another unicorn came for Demelza's mama to ride on. Then an infinite number of Unicorns came so that everyone in Demelza's infinite family would have a unicorn to ride on.

The flew up into the sky, very very far, until they reached the top of a mountain that was so hight it reached up into the clouds. At the top of the mountain was a huge cave that the unicorns lived in, and the inside of the cave was covered with infinite rainbow coloured crystals that lit the way.

Inside there were infinite clouds that all the unicorns and Demelza's family could lie on and rest. Then they heard a big noise, and saw that it was a big big butterfly, with rainbow coloured wings (but they weren't scary). The Butterfly was so big it was the size of the whole mountain, and there was an infinite number of Butterflies.

They all ate a huge feast of lots of yummy foods, especially celery. Then the Unicorns flew Demelza and her family home again.
I just thought it was such a wonderful story. I wish I'd had a tape recorder to record her telling the whole tale.


  1. What a creative Littletree you have! Thanks for sharing the beautiful story. Hope you're having a wonderfully refreshing rainbow!

  2. A rainbow child...that's recently learned the word infinite? ;) What a terrific story. She's quiet creative and so kind that everyone got to have a unicorn, sleep on clouds and join in the feast :)


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