Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Home Again

Well, that's it. We packed up and left the rainbow gathering.

A little earlier than I'd expected, but the gathering was pretty much over. Only a dozen people were still there, most of whom were leaving in the next day or two. Everything was pretty much packed up, only the main kitchen and the straggler's personal camps remained, and the main kitchen was getting packed down today.

The great news is that we ended with a zero balance in the magic hat :) no left over money to bicker over.

The gathering itself was amazing, as usual.

Powerful ceremony with the local Aboriginal Bundjalung tribe, lots of kids, shining happy people, beautiful site, crystal clear river, great weather (it only rained seriously one night), yummy food every night, so many lovely friends, old and new...

Anyway, we've had a long day; packing up the tipi and everything, then the long drive home, and unpacking (well, some of the unpacking). So I'll save the long and detailed rave for tomorrow. not to mention all the photos ;)

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