Monday, 29 October 2007

Littletree's Little Room

This weekend our new landlord came over and did some more work on the cottage, he fixed the leaking shower too.

I didn't yet mention Littletree's new room that he built.

When we came back from the rainbow, we found that heaps of work had been done on the cottage; a lot of the cracks had been filled, the termites had been treated, and we have new stairs (to replace the rickety old bamboo ladder).

Amazingly, B, the sweet English girl who lives up the road had come into the house while we were away at the rainbow and oiled and varnished all the wooden surfaces in the house! It looks fantastic; somehow makes the place seem less rustic. She said that she'd seen how much work we were putting into making the rainbow happen, and she wanted to give something back. So she came and did some work on our house!!

But the most amazing thing was that the landlord manifested my fantasy deck. Where the front stairs used to be, he's built a beautiful wooden deck, and turned the old front door into a window. So now, insead of having the wasted space of stairs and a door that we never use (there's 2 other doors), we have an extra little room.

He also cleared a path and some new stairs outside, leading up to the patio area out the side door, which is now our front door. :)

I had originally thought the space would be a good office space for Purple, but when I saw it, it was clear; a playroom for Littletree. Its just a little space, like 1Mx2M, but its perfect for her. She has her toyboxes in there, and her little bench and chair. She just about lives in there; she eats all her meals there and hangs out and plays.

The best part is that now her toys are contained, rather than being spread over the whole house. And the stairs space underneath is now a storage area that is accessable from the outside.

Even better is that I asked him if we can build an oven like the one we made at the rainbow, and he is totally into it! I showed him the pictures of the oven, and he thought it was great!


  1. The only thing missing is the burned out car wreck on the yard... a couple broken television sets and inumerous empty beer bottles and then I would feel like it was home...


  2. sorry leon, we dont have any TV sets, broken or otherwise, nor beer bottles of any description. and our car is in fine working order.
    there's no place like home ;)

  3. What a great guy!! That's so cute ... perfect!


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