Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Invisible Posters and Thread Killers... UNITE

MDC closed down my beloved thread; Invisible Posters ... and Thread Killers... Welcome oh the pain!!!

Anyway, it got sorted in the end and we have a new thread...
And Littletree sang a song about birds to cheer me up


  1. How cute is she?! Wow! And what language is that song in? Did she make it up or learn it from someone?

    Also, the song from Purple....a resounding WOOT! Bravo!!

    Love your talented little family! :)

  2. the song is mostly in hebrew, with bits of spanish and lots of her own gibberish mixed in.

    she's making the song up as she goes along, I think. though its a song she sings often, and I notice recurring themes. she just changes some of the lyrics to suit the moment.

  3. I listened to it with a funk music background O'Jays I think...



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