Sunday, 14 October 2007

Littletree Magic

Here is Littletree doing a magic trick. I have no idea how she does it!

I asked her, but she said, "a magician never reveals her tricks"

So I figured I'd try out the new Blogger Video feature... See how it compares to YouTube...


I couldn't make it work on Blogger, so I did it on YouTube. even that took me a lot of effort. I think our internet connection isn't up to it :(


  1. It's hard to see what she's attempting. Could you give a little synopsis? :)

    Also, re: the last post, I forgot to add that those faerie wings are ROCKIN'! I want to learn how to make those too!

  2. Synopsis for tegan's mama:
    She's magically getting random objects inside the bottle.

    I think if you slow the action down and run it through a pinklight filter you can see some slight of hand there.

    but its pretty impressive. she manages to get a string of beads, some tinsel, a bolt and a few other little plastic doodads into the bottle!


    I think she's imitating our friend Otto, who is a real magician, and does this trick of getting a large coin into a glass coke bottle, when said coin is definately too small for the neck of the bottle. not to mention he bangs the coin on the BASE of the bottle and it somehow gets in there.

  3. Thank you! I'm impressed now. I also realized I had the sound off. It's even cuter with the sound. "I'm going to do magic. 1-2-3!"

    :) Well done, Littletree!

  4. Oh, and Teagan's magic now (after seeing Cinderella, I must admit) is running around with her magic wand and yelling "hoppy, hoppy hoo! hippy hoppy hoo" I'm sure she could say bippity-boppity-boo, but who wants to change the cute variation Teagan's adopted? ;)

    Also, she still has this strange fixation on eating her pretend tails and whiskers. *shrugs* Just thought I'd share. :)


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