Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Little Prince

Littletree has been reading The Little Prince. Aquacat got it out from the library and started reading it to her, but since Aquacat isn’t always here to read it, and Littletree can’t wait to hear the rest of the story, she’s been reading it herself.

little prince cover

It’s one of my all-time favourite books – if you don’t know the book, stop reading this blog post now, and find a copy and read it! I’ll wait here till you get back…

Meanwhile, Littletree is improving in her reading (funny how now and then she’ll struggle on a small word like “once” but then read a big one like “magnificently” without blinking)!


And I’m loving the story, and the wisdom of Le Petit Prince


This is not a hat - Ceci N'est Pas Une Chapeau (bonus points to people who get that reference).


  1. I recently borrowed this from the library to read to The Munchkin and she enjoyed it and we will read it again in another 12 months, but I LOVED it! So much wisdom! So many things I wish I had learnt a long time ago! :)

  2. I love The Little Prince! My sister introduced my boy to it a couple of years ago and I had to buy a copy in english and french... Probably time to read it again...

  3. Hey dearest wonderwoman Goddess!
    I love reading your blog, makes me feel a little bit less sad that you're on the other side of the WORLD! And allows me to keep up with your happenings....
    I LOVE the little Prince... and the drawing of the elephant inside a boa constrictor! My favourite drawing in the whole book though, is the one where the Little Prince is standing on his planet, which has been totally strangled by three baobab trees!
    LOVE to you, and say hi to Littletree for me!

  4. It's funny because Lil does the same thing, reads massive words okay and little ones are a problem. Maybe because she learnt through memorization rather than other methods. Sounds like a cool book, we read a great one this week, Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes.

    Sorry if u got this twice, stoopid computer.

    1. only got it once Yeshe... now I feel ripped off!
      and thanks for the book recommendation!


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