Sunday, 5 August 2012

New Neighbours

Littletree and I were going out for a night-time walk to look at the full moon the other night when we heard a rustling in the bushes… a quick flash of the torchlight revealed…

An Echidna! How exciting! It was burrowing into the undergrowth right next to our driveway. Oddly enough, every time it dug a bit, the other side of the bushes rustled simultaneously. I assumed the echidna must be pushing on a vine or root that was pulling on the bush… but when we shone the light over on the other side, there was a second echidna. Somehow, they were burrowing, and pausing in perfect synchronisation with each other.

It was very cool! And naturally led to Littletree asking about nocturnal animals, and a whole discussion on monotremes.


After watching for a while, we left them in peace, and came back in the morning to see quite an extensive burrow going on. So happy to have some nice new neighbours :-)

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