Friday, 31 August 2012


Is sprung!

We’ve had fireflies about in the forest at night, echidnas, snakes have been seen, and…


My magnolia tree is in spectacular bloom! So despite what the calendar says, spring is already upon us :)


  1. If I had ever considered trying internet singles meeting or whatever it's called - such considerations have immediately dissolved. Those flowers are amongst the most erotic things I have ever felt. Er, I mean, seen. Mind you, I see with my fingers. How feminine! How...sensual! How blooming! How purple! How womanly! How lovely! I may come to be known as the guy in the trenchcoat loitering in the gardening section of the newsagency..

  2. Wonderful flowers, we have bad weather here in Switzerland.



  3. We're at the other side, as I can feel autumn approaching. We've had a rubbish summer, just wet and miserable but I'm so looking forward to autumn. I love this time of year, I've never enjoyed the hot weather (not that we get much these days). I'm a really a curling up in front of the fire in my woolies with knitting, a good book and warm drink kinda girl


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)