Monday, 13 August 2012

The First Sewing Project

Since Littletree got a sewing machine two weeks ago, her awesome goddessmother Lady Demelza has been teaching her how to use it.

They started on a simple project – I’d let Littletree loose in my box of fabric scraps and remnants and she was instantly drawn to a brightly-patterned green fabric and she decided to make a bag out of it for me…


I thought it was interesting that she was so drawn to that particular fabric, I asked her if she recognised it at all and she said she didn’t – it was an off-cut from an old sling I’d made back when she was about two years old, and carried her around in it almost every day until it was replaced when she was about four!

Sequoia sling 2

Anyway, Littletree quickly got the hang of using the machine, and she designed the shape and pattern entirely on her own


Finally, the finished product!


I love it, of course!



  1. That is a fabulous bag! Great job, Littletree!

  2. Oh that is so awesome!! Well done Littletree. I may have to send a parcel of fabrics, what are Littletree's current favourite colours?

    1. Current favourite colours are blue, followed by purple.

  3. I'll have a look through my stash and see what I can find :)


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