Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sk8r Grrl

Not content with just being an awesome roller-blader, ice skater and boogie boarder, Littletree’s newest fad is skateboarding.

She has a few friends who skateboard, so she got the bug, and tried it out a few times, but hadn’t really gotten a good opportunity to learn to skateboard without a board of her own.

After several months of her constantly bugging occasionally reminding me politely that she wants to get a skateboard, I found one in our budget so I bought it for her as a present (lucky Littletree – normally she has to save up herself to buy that sort of thing)!


Starting out slowly at first, she’s getting the hang of it really quick – I’m always amazed because I could never do stuff like that as a kid. But her balance is really good and she’s quick to work out how to do tricks.

We’ve been bringing the board with us to homeschool group so Littletree gets to practice with other kids and learn tips and tricks from them too


So much awesome :)

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