Friday, 7 August 2009

Yoga Baby

Littletree has been getting into yoga lately. I think since the yoga workshop at homeschool group recently, she got interested.

She is, of course, insanely flexible.

But mostly it’s been a great way for us to connect in a really positive way. And I’ve gotten back into the habit of getting up and doing yoga in the morning – I used to do it every day for years before I gave birth to Littletree, and then I didn’t have so much time or energy with a newborn. Not to mention she would come and climb on me anytime I tried!



  1. cute! I was an insanely flexible kid as well. Hope she keeps up with it as she grows. Keeping nimble into adulthood is definitely worthwhile. As my dad used to tell me: "I can do the splits... once."

  2. LOL! My kids are all a bit like this too! They don't get it from their mama! I have the stiffest joints in OZ! Their daddy however is double and triple jointed I think! We had a real "yoga" moment a few years back. I did blog it but geez that was a while ago! LOL!

    MF...I think Im getting old! Don't go telling anyone now! Okay?

  3. As well as being insanely flexible, Littletree is also insanely cute! :)

  4. you mean there is hope! every time i try to do yoga dmitri will do it with me for a minute or two and then he is climbing all over me. i remember being super flexible as a kid then i was not at all but since having my son i have been more flexible. not like when i was a kid but way more than i used to be.

  5. nubivagant, that's pretty normal. pregnancy hormones also help to increase flexibility. softens muscles and joints and stuff - helps the pelvis to open up to let the baby out ;)


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