Monday, 3 August 2009

Gentle Discipline

A new article of mine was published on Essence of Life, about Gentle Discipline – probably it will be the last one; sadly the English site is closing down and it seems I am also out of a paying job now.

Ah well, I’ve been writing for them for about 3 years now, and it’s probably time to move on and open up for other things. (hint: I’m happy to hear from anyone who might have a job for me)

Anyway, the article can be read HERE, at least until they close the site. They are keeping up the Hebrew edition of the site, and my articles will be there, albeit in Hebrew, though apparently there will be a translate button.


  1. Bummer! Hope you are able to find something even better. :)

  2. Excellent article! Sorry it will be your last. Good luck finding a new job. :)

  3. Love the article you wrote!
    (Actually Ive read a few of them now that you've written and love them all!)
    But sorry to hear about your job :(

  4. Why are they closing the English site? Is it because it doesn't get enough users?

    I looked around the site and didn't see that many conversations going on in the forums, and the Hebrew forums are way more trafficked, but still...


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