Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today at the homeschool group in town we had a juggling workshop. One of the parents taught everyone how to make juggling balls, and then how to juggle.

It was a really fun process, filling balloons with rice using a funnel and empty bottle.

10 juggling ball workshop 

Of course, we also managed to spill loads of rice everywhere and make a big, colourful mess.

13 juggling ball workshop 

Here’s the first ball Littletree and I made:

12 juggling ball workshop 

Our finished balls:

14 juggling ball workshop 

The test run:

18 juggling ball workshop 

Then everyone learned how to juggle

25 juggling ball workshop 

Littletree got pretty good at juggling two by the end of the day

21 juggling ball workshop 

But mostly we got exercise picking balls up off the ground!

28 juggling ball workshop 

I really enjoyed making these juggling balls; it was such a great day! :) All I can say is: Home Schooling Rocks!!!


  1. love the photo of the woman learning to juggle her baby;)

  2. :( you make me wanna move up to your neck of the woods even more now MF! less structure is a good thing ;)

  3. What a great community you have, the kids all look so happy :)

  4. NOW they are some AWESOME juggling balls! Little tree will you give me lessons on how to juggle?

  5. We have made these balls there so much fun.

    I was wondering, the Lady in the first photo holding the baby her name wouldn't be Oshra by any chance.
    She look like a friend of mine that has moved up to your end of the world she has a little boy called Onyx? It look like him in the picture too, next to her.

    I just had to ask.......:)

  6. anne, i can't divulge the secret identities of my friends and neighbours... but, yes, it is :)

  7. Wow what a small world.
    We went to the same playgroup. :)

  8. LOL! Love the woman juggling the baby in that picture!


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