Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tomatoes… inconceivable!

Littletree started reciting lines from a cartoon she’s been watching, Charlie and Lola.

She’s got all the lines down pat, accents and all. So accurately that at first, I thought she was watching the cartoon!

At first I might jump on the thought that she watches Charlie and Lola too much, but the reality is that she doesn’t watch it all that often, and I myself have a tendency to memorise quotes from films after only one or two viewings. Then I sit around for hours with my friends quoting and reciting endless quotes from Monty Python or The Princess Bride.

Littletree got the idea that perhaps since she’s so good at doing voices she could be an actor in movies. We talked a bit about what that entails; as soon as I mentioned having to always do exactly what the director says, she changed her mind!

Still, it’s a useful skill to have :)


  1. Adorable!! Love the post title. ;)

  2. My little one memorises songs after hearing them once or's a great skill, not everyone can do this. As for memorizing quotes from the princess bride, hahaha, I know hmost of that movie off by heart:)

  3. she is just too much!! her accent is perfect and the inflection is perfect!! ha! she is perfect!

  4. Oh my gosh, she sounds JUST like Charlie and Lola!

    We have a few of the books, including "I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato" - the same as the episode Little Tree was reciting.

    Absolutely adorable. :)

  5. I am so, so playing this for Lily tomorrow morning! Love it! Thanks LT and MF. xx


    She's got the accent down! I was practically on pins just waiting for her to say to-mah-toes!

    I love how she changes her mind about acting when she learned about "doing what the director says." LOL As an actor who began working when I was about her age, that is the first thing we learned.

    Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)