Monday, 9 March 2009


I recently went for a visit to my good friend Littletripper, who also happens to be one of Littletree's godmothers. Long-time readers might remember other wonderful presents Littletree has gotten from her.

I came home with lots of presents for Littletree, including this microscope:

49 microscope

It's one that Littletripper had when she was a child, amazingly, it still works - just needed a new battery for the light. Since Littletripper grew up to be a scientist, the microscope has got a great educational karma :)

Littletree had a great time looking at all the slides that came with it, and then we looked at hair strands, comparing hers and mine, and all sorts of stuff we found around. So far the most interesting things were insect wings.

Since we're going to Thailand on Thursday, we wont get too much time to explore with the microscope till we get back, but Littletree has been making the most of it!

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