Monday, 30 March 2009

Birth Space

Chrysalis, with her great big belly has been nesting like crazy

65 chris belly

She's set up a trapeze and a hammock in the birth space to hang on for support in labour. Of course, Littletree had to test out the trapeze and make sure it was working fine.

67 acrobat

And the hammock got the Littletree seal of approval too.

68 birth space

Then Chrysalis set to work setting up a massive mosquito net around the whole birthing area, so she'll be able to relax in labour without the constant threat of mosquitoes. 

70 birth space

The end result was really great - now we have the whole verandah and birth pool enclosed in mosquito net, and everything set up and ready to go for the birth... which could be at any minute, if only we could get Chrysalis to sit still for long enough ;)

69 birth space


  1. What a fantastic birth space! Amazing!

  2. Ahhh! It looks so much more superior than the last place I was forced to birth in! Yay! for choice and planning!

    Now she is totally not big! I think I was that big at around six months! Geez I am such a fat arse!

  3. hahaha Karisma, I hear ya! I saw the pic and thought, geeeez, that aint big! But maybe on her already small frame it is a sizeable bump? I'd love to birth outside one day!


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