Thursday, 5 March 2009

Homeschool Magic

This week's homeschool group was fun; the kids did magic tricks and stand-up comedy.


Littletree learned about the knock-knock joke - a concept she still doesn't get. A few of the kids were telling jokes and laughing, but Littletree was feeling a little left out. Her friend, M, said, "hey, Littletree, wanna hear a joke?" Littletree nodded.

"knock knock!"

Littletree burst out laughing as if it was the funniest joke in the world!

So, though she didn't really get the joke at all, or how jokes work, she did pick up on the basic point of them - someone says something, and you laugh. LOL

The card tricks were fun too


I forgot to mention last week - we got together with a few other local families to start up a new home-school group meeting in our village! Last Friday was the first one, and it went really well :) six families came and the kids all had a great time running around the park. Hopefully it will become a regular feature.


  1. Awww LT is so cute! Just to let you know there is a bag of salt with my name on it on the kitchen table. Zak is determined (once we actually stay home for once this week) to have a go at the crystal experiment. He was very impressed with LT's efforts and wants his own crystals (to add to the gazillion he already has in his room LOL) He is a little worried that it takes 3 weeks haha!

    Another interesting thing in our house yesterday. Dh my rather serious man yelled out to me asking about Rainbow Gatherings! He was online and found the site, I nearly got excited as I thought "OMG maybe I can finally go to one" but he was still all Hmmmm Hahhhh about it! Geez MF can you just pick me up on the way next time? I will totally pay for the petrol and all! And I will personally watch all the babies while everyone else has fun. haha!

    26 years on and the man is still having a hard time with me and my weirdness! Oh well, one day! Tell LT that I will send her another letter soon, I so loved her reply last time it is still on the fridge and everyone who calls reads it and admires the lovely picture she drew for me!

    The hardy ha ha bit was the fact the she told me I was "so fine". On my facebook account I used fine as my last name! My friends were all amazed at her perception. hehe! I just turned around and said "See! I told you I was fine, totally, not weird, just fine!" Thanx LT Aunty Karisma loves you heaps and she totally wants to meet up and teach you how to belly dance! Karisma's dh comes from Turkey and we have it all sussed don't you worry!

    Big hugs and faerie smoochies xxxooooxxx

  2. thanks karisma :)
    next rainbow gathering will be in june/ july near cairns. you coming?

  3. Count on it my dear! I need a holiday!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)