Sunday, 15 March 2009

Arriving to Phuket

Littletree and I arrived safe and sound to Thailand; the flight was pretty easy, at least, as far as 9 hour flights can be. We had a row of 3 seats to ourselves, and flying Thai Airways means having relatively comfy seats and personal entertainment screens.

Littletree slept most of the way anyway, since we got on the plane around her usual bed time, and arrived at her usual wake-up time.

07 chrisWe were greeted at the airport by Chrysalis who brought us home to her little bungalow.  Here she is:

The house is quite small, but with a lot of outdoor space under big wide verandahs, and set at the back of a really large, beautifully manicured garden, complete with lotus ponds and fruit trees, with a little stream running around one side, and dotted with loads of beautiful, shady places to sit.

Littletree and I felt at home right away. Chrysalis hadn't managed to organise our bedroom yet, so we shared with her the first night, and the next day she went out to organise us a sala; a Thai outdoor bed made from bamboo.

The workers came to deliver the hut straight away, which made for a great comedy. We'd thought they would bring the materials and assemble the sala here, but they brought it ready-made and had to carry it in, which turned out to be a huge mission.

First of all, they couldn't get the sala over the little covered bridge over the stream, so they clambered down and waded through the stream, carrying this big hut.  The walk through the garden is quite far wending through trees and flower beds, not to mention it was a swelteringly hot day.

04 moving sala

When they finally got the sala to the house, they needed to hoist it over a hedge to get it where we wanted it. Since they were all speaking Thai, and I felt useless to help, I did the only sensible thing; I got out my camera to document the spectacle LOL

Of course, in the end the sala was in place, and the workers could sit and relax with a glass of cold water for a few minutes.05 sala workers

Littletree really loves it

06 seq sala

Now we have our bed made up in there and set up to be cosy.

13 sala


  1. What a lovely looking place and people! That birthing pool looks really inviting, too.
    It's so very lovely to see such a beautiful place, people and set up.

  2. I think we may need to build one of those!

    Sweet Mama, smooth birth vibes to her.

  3. Ah the choreography of moving a sala LOL

    Chrysalis looks so different from the last time I saw her!

  4. How neat! I would like one of it not a little scary though at night. Are there snakes there?


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